Awards Ceremony - 2014 In August 2014 the WCIC held their flagship event, the Biennial Women Entrepreneur Awards at the Hotel Kingsbury.

Awards are not given as rewards but more in recognition for the industry, hard work and perseverance of the women entrepreneurs. The WCIC was started by a small group of business and professional women in Colombo, who realized that there were many resource ful women in the towns and villages away from the city. The WCIC Entrepreneur Brand recognizes these women and we are proud to be allowed to be a part of their success.

This year under the seasoned organizers Vidyani and Renuka we had numerous applicants, of which some had an edge but all were winners in their own right. Another first for WCIC was establishing The Commonwealth Woman Entrepreneur Award which opens up the opportunity for women in Sri Lanka to get recognition outside our Country.

A big Thank You to the pioneering WCIC award committee of 1998 for starting this prestigious event and giving successive Chairpersons and Boards the privilege of continuing it.

August / 2014
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