Good market way forward

WCIC members will be given a platform to showcase their products and services in order to develop their entrepreneurial skills. The Good Market was identified as the location to facilitate this platform for the members. It is highly popular among the citizens of Colombo as well as tourists.

The Good Market in Colombo, is a volunteer driven program and makes it easier for consumers to find and choose products that are good for the environment, our communities, and our health. Vendors go through an application and review process to make sure they meet the Good Market standards.

The Good Market operates on a Saturday full day at the Race Course car park in Colombo 7. As the foot traffic is quite large on a Saturday however during the rainy season, it is known to reduce which may affect the expected revenues by the vendors.

All members are encouraged to make use of this opportunity. This platform will create a market where social learning and producer-customer interaction takes a primary role. The WCIC will assist the members to set up according to the standards set by the Good Market and offer the stalls for them to display their products, free of charge. The stalls carry tables with covers and stools. An intern is also available at hand to assist the members in case there are any issues that may arise such as language barriers, financial incapability etc.

This platform provides members with :
  • The facility to increase and enhance their own brand awareness
  • Free and increased advertising and promotions
  • The capability to build a resilient customer base including repeat customers
  • An understanding of the wants and needs of the customers
  • An opportunity to interact with customers and enhance networking skills

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