Chick Farming Project

The German Embassy in Sri Lanka funded a micro-project to uplift the livelihood of people in different parts of the Island.

The project supports twenty young widows in the under developed areas of Mannar to start a home based family business of egg production as a means of self-employment which would generate an income for the families. 20 recipients from the Mannar District were selected by the Women’s Chamber of Industry & commerce (WCIC) with the assistance of Mannar Women’s Development Federation. A project co-ordinator was appointed from the Department of Animal Production & Health, Northern Province.

A training session was conducted by Veterinary Surgeon from the area and due to the extreme weather conditions in the country especially in the North and the subsequent floods in the Mannar District decided to give the movable cages and were handed over to the 20 beneficiaries. WCIC Board Members attended the distribution of 600 chicks and visited their homes as well. The recipients were provided with high quality cages, chicks, medicine for the chicks, waterier and feed to enable the women to be able to rear the chicks without undue hardship. Progress of the development and growth of the chicks is being overseen by the veterinary surgeons and the field officers of Agriculture, Animal Production and Development, Rural Industries Development and Fisheries in Mannar.

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