Workshop on Good Governance and Social Responsibility The Board members of the Women’s Chamber of Industry & Commerce (WCIC) and past chairperson Ms. Rezani Aziz are working in collaboration to set up the Federation of Women Entrepreneur Associations of Sri Lanka (FWEASL). The Federation will create a platform for regional women’s associations to come together to raise a collective voice for the development of women entrepreneurs in the country.

The Women’s Federation is the first of its’ kind in Sri Lanka with WCIC being the lead catalyst, leading innovation and change to bring women in business together to create a united, stronger voice in advocacy and the development of female entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.

One of the most recent events FWSEAL held was a Workshop in Kandy at the Mahaweli Reach Hotel covering the topics of ‘Good Governance and Social Responsibility’. 50 female entrepreneurs were in attendance from the Central ProvinceWomen's Chamber, Kurunegala Women’s Chamber and Trincomalee Women’s Wing, as well as Board representatives from the Colombo Women’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Workshop participants from Central Province Women’s Chamber, Kurunegala Women’s Chamber, Trincomalee Women’s Wing and WCIC Board representatives.

The first guest speaker, Lal KeethiGunawadene is the Chairperson of Lucky yogurt. Lal’s story was both moving and inspiring, taking the women through his entrepreneur journey talking about his challenges, triumphs and greatest inspirations, which were his mother and sister. This generated plenty of questions and discussion at the end of his talk with a possible business connection with one of the female entrepreneurs at the Workshop.

Mr Gunawadene Chairman Lucky Yogurt, Rifa Musthapha Chairperson WCIC, Rezani Aziz Former Chairperson WCIC

Mr Gunawadene travels across the country conducting motivational talks and also started the positive minds club and speaks on radio and television.

The second guest speaker was Mr. Abeywickrama who is a senior staff member at the Central Province Chamber. He spoke in details about the journey of the Central Province, what have been the challenges, solutions and advice to others who are maintaining a Chamber and who are wanting to set up a Chamber of their own.

Senior member of Trincomalee Women’s Wing, Rifa Musthapha Chairperson of WCIC, 2 female entrepreneurs from Kurunegala Women’s Chamber.

The talk was thought provoking and opened the floor to many questions and opinions.

The day was completed with activities all the women participated in, it was an interactive group session, analysing scenarios on the pitfalls of governance and presenting solutions and best practice to the wider group. Throughout the day the women networked with each other and created business links and connections for future networking opportunities.

Discussing governance pitfalls

Female entrepreneur from Central Province Chamber of Commerce introducing herself to the group and showing her product.

4th March 2017
Mahaweli Reach Hotel Kandy
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