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Driving Team

The Chairperson

  • Ms. Anoji De Silva

The Strategic Consultant

  • Ms. Tustitha Kumarakulasigham

Policy Advocacy Pillar

Lobby government and private sector decision makers/stakeholders to create a direction, enabling environment for women to grow and thrive in business, backed by supporting information.


  • Sarrah Sammoon

Team Members

  • Tusitha Kumarakulasingam
  • Ashanthi Fernando
  • Chiranthi Cooray
  • Nelun Gunasekera
  • Marini De Livera

Membership Development & Services Pillar

Awareness, Attraction, Retention

To create awareness among professional and business women with a view to attract them by offering value adding benefits, regular engagements and retaining them with relevant activity and recognition.Leader
  • Sonali de Silva
Team Members
  • Illanga Karunaratne
  • Ashanti Fernando
  • Samitha Perera
  • Jina Rajapathirana

Capacity Building Pillar

To enhance skills, knowledge, tools & equipment and resources in promoting the role of women in business and professional services including WCIC members.


  • Nayana Karunaratne

Team Members

  • Chathuri Ranasinghe
  • Jani Perera
  • Lilanthi Herath
  • Tehani Mathew
  • Chamila Cooray
  • Mihirini de Zoysa

Visibility Pillar

To define own brand identity to make it more relevant to the membership while ensuring top of mind brand recall and close engagement with all stakeholders through effective communication to promote WCIC brand.Leader
  • Gayani de Alwis
Team Members
  • Oshadhi Karunaratne
  • Tusitha Kumarakulasingam
  • Nilani Seneviratne
  • Jina Rajapathirana
  • Madhushi Wijesekera
  • Sajda Hussain

Governance & Finance Pillar

To ensure robust policies and guidelines are adopted to steer long term growth for WCIC by ensuring financial sustainability and discipline to achieve


  • Renuka Senanayake

Team Members

  • Indrani Fernando
  • Anoji de Silva
  • Ramani Ponnambalam
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